Matt Smith


Work Experience

April 2011 - present
Austin, Texas
Music Studio Director of Phoenix Academy Austin, a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for youths aged 13-22. Responsibilities include teaching and applying music, computer, and recording production skills in the Academy recording studio. At the end of 2013, over 100 songs had been produced in the facility utilizing concepts and coping skills learned from rehabilitation. Students are encouraged to work together as a team in a positive, uplifting environment.

1990 - 2011
Albany, New York City, Austin
Senior Instructor for the National Guitar Workshop, a six-week summer program featuring the finest guitar instructors in the country. Responsibilities included developing curriculum and teaching week long multi-level classes ranging from 6-60 students. Also co-directed and administrated teaching staff at workshops at NGW campuses around the country. Workshops were held in Connecticut, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Austin, Nashville, Florida, Seattle, Oakland, the UK and Germany. Independently conducted clinics and week-long master classes in the US, UK, and Germany.
August 2010 - present
Austin, Montana
Faculty and Board Member with the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival in Bigfork, Montana. Faculty responsibilities include developing and teaching advanced blues, rock, performance, and recording classes. Board Member responsibilities include faculty liaison and curriculum advisor.

1991- 2011
Albany, New York City, Austin
International Clinician for Kaman Music (Ovation, Takamine, and Hamer guitars, and Trace Elliott Amplifiers). In addition to demonstrating products at trade and guitar shows internationally and consulting on product development and national advertising campaigns, responsibilities included developing the Chop Shop clinic program, a master class/performance workshop at music stores and schools in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Italy.

1997 - present
New York City, Austin
Product Demonstrator for Fret King Guitars, Tony Bruno Custom Amplifiers, Tech 21, Pigtronix effects pedals, and Supro Amplifiers. Responsibilities include demonstrating products internationally at trade and guitar shows.

1992 - present
Albany, New York City, Austin
Author and Online Video Instructor for Alfred Publishing/ Workshop Arts, Hal Leonard publishing, and D’Addario. Wrote and published ten instructional books, distributed internationally. Fifty online lessons at Instructional guitar videos for D'Addario on YouTube.

1988 - present
Albany, New York City, Austin
Leader of international touring acts the Matt Smith Band, Matt Smith's World, and Chop Shop. Released multiple albums, including:
Matt Smith Band
Whisper to a Scream
Tanqueray Rocks! Live at the Ritz
Delta Radio
Black and White
Big Fun
Free Beer and Chicken
What I Feel For You
Chop Shop
Meet the Monstas
Matt Smith's World

1993 - present
Albany, New York City, Austin
Producer and Recording Engineer for over 100 commercially-released albums, commercials, and film soundtracks. Session musician (acoustic, electric, and baritone guitar, bass, banjo,mandolin, dobro, sitar, Mohan vina, steel guitar, ukulele, saz, cumbus, charango, tiple) for many artists in Albany, NYC, and Austin. Chief producer, engineer, and arranger for Lost Oasis Studio in Austin, Texas. 2012 Addy winner, Houston, Texas.

1988 - present
Albany, New York City, Austin
Private instructor for guitar, bass, mandolin, dobro, voice, songwriting, and music production.


Technique: Bending (Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing)
Technique: Speed (Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing)
Beginning Blues Guitar DVD (Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing)
Intermediate Blues Guitar (Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing)
Essential Skills – Alternate Tunings (Cherry Lane)
Guitar Technique Encyclopedia (Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing)
Basic Blues Guitar Method 3 (Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing)
Basic Guitar Method 4 (Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing)
Matt Smith's Chop Shop (Alfred Publishing)
Intermediate Blues Guitar, 2nd Edition (Alfred Publishing)
Online instructional videos for
“Passion and the Pen,” 1996-98 (Guitar for the Practicing Musician)
“Sessions,” 1999-2003, Contributor (Guitar Player Magazine)


Consulting Work

Takamine Guitars
Development of international advertising campaign for digital preamp technology. Consultation on award-winning Cool Tube Preamplifier.

Ovation Guitars
Development of VXT preamp featuring advanced modeling technology.

Development of award-winning Philosopher’s Tone compressor pedal. Ongoing consultation work on product development.

Clavier Werks Music School, Austin, Texas
Curriculum development and implementation

Crown of the Continent Music Festival, Bigfork, Montana
Curriculum development and implementation, Advisory Board Member

National Guitar Workshop
Curriculum development and implementation


D'Addario strings
Planet Waves cables and tuners
Fret King guitars (including a Matt Smith signature guitar)
Ovation guitars
Tony Bruno custom amplifiers
Pigtronix effects
Supro amplifiers